Wednesday, 17 July 2013

*Insert a cool introductory title here*

Hi everyone.

My name is Ali, I'm 19 years old. After 2 years of lazying around I finally set up my blog with a little motivation from a few friends. Believe it or not the only reason I didn't blog until now was because I never knew what title should I have for it.

Most of you have already passed your first judgement at me by looking around at the style of blog I've created. It's true, such things speak volumes for us.
You probably looked at the black background and wondered that I'm an emotional teenager who's gonna do whiny posts on here. The red color further tells you I'm obsessed with blood and probably self-harm. White, red and black and along with that the absence of other colors proves that I hate my life.

Well, enough with the Sherlock-ing. I've only chosen the black color for my background because I'm... I'm Batman. Only joking (Or am I?). I'm nocturnal and nothing pleases the eye more at night than a black screen. The red is only there because I love-love Manchester United. It's an undying love, complete emotional attachment (Dear The One. If you're reading this, you better start loving my team already). I'm somehow obsessed with blood because I love the idea of Vampirism, I mean who wouldn't want to be immortal, be able to compel people and be able to run around at supersonic speeds? And by vampires I totally mean Vampires, and not fairies such as Edward Cullen. I've kept the blog really simple because I love minimalism, that is one reason why I prefer iPhones and Windows Phones over Androids (Yeah, you'll get tons of technological references in all my blogs). In the same way if you're a girl and you apply loads of makeup, I give you a thumbs down right now (Please don't let this affect your decision of following my blog, because I know you want to. You know you want to.)

If I had to sum up myself in a few words, here are some great quotes to tell exactly what I am:

  • Charlie: Because she's a self-centered, manipulative, narcissist.
    Alan: So are you.
    Charlie: Hello?
  • Brandt: Is that all you've got? A cheap trick and a cheesy one-liner?
    Tony Stark: Sweetheart, that could be the name of my autobiography.

Yes, I'm a self-obsessed person. I love myself more than anyone else ever can (NOT forever aloneness, it just keeps me safe from getting hurt).

So yeah, that's me. That's the Ali Yousuf that you just got to know, or the AliiYousuf you've known from Twitter before. You'll be hearing a lot from me, trust me, I love talking. By the end of this post, I already have fans. "I love you too, random citizen!"

(Special thanks to this lovely girl, Fareeha for helping me set up this blog. She has an amazing blog herself, be sure to check it out. You'll love it. Furree's Blog)

Until next time then, Ciao. :D