Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Beautiful Mess #1

What do you do when at the most unexpected place, you see the person you've been expecting all your life?

You're standing against the wall, sipping on a can of Red Bull, in the middle of hundreds of people and your eyes manage to fall on her face. What you don't know yet is that those five seconds you spent looking at her walking down the corridor will replay in your head a thousand times. Before you knew it her smile, so full of life, was engraved in your thoughts. Before you knew, you were going out of your comfort zone to talk to her.

She was nothing like anyone you've ever talked to before. She was confident about everything she spoke. She was classy with the way she carried herself. She was magnetizing; made her presence known. But she was selective; you'd have to be really special for her to let you in her life. And you always questioned, what was so special about you? Why was fate so nice to you?

You're never nervous unless it's an important exam, but she'd make you nervous just by standing there by your side. Even though you don't smile too often, she'd make you smile to the extent where your jaw starts to hurt. When you'd look at her, the hardest thing will be to get your eyes off her flawless skin. When you look into her eyes, the perfect hazel will take you somewhere else and there's no coming back. While she stands in front of you and the sunlight is falling on her hair, you're so lost in the strands of hair falling on her face, you hardly pay any attention to what she's saying. 

And then comes the nudge, "Don't look at me like that..", but you can tell she's not afraid of you looking at her. She's afraid what if one day you stop looking at her like that. And you ask yourself do you really want anything more from life? The answer is no the first time. It's still a no when you've asked yourself that question a hundred times.

But the way it unfolds is yet to be told...