Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Love Aaj Kal.

Love Aaj Kal - Love These Days.

I was just sitting in the room with my family when one of my cousin's girlfriend called on my mom's phone which led to a very laughable session. Here's how it went (I've changed the names to hide identity.):

Girl: Salam Aunty I'm Anjali, Rahul's girlfriend. I wanted to meet Rahul so I was wondering if you could invite me over and call him to your house.
Mum: ...
Girl: He told me that we can meet this way, it's pretty hard for me to convince my parents to let me go to public places alone.
Mum: Beta, you're too young for all of this. You have so much time ahead of you. At this age, you don't fall in love. These are all jokes, you're gonna look back at this time and laugh at how stupid you were.
Girl: ...
Mum: Listen to what I say, let go of this and focus on your studies.
Girl: ...
Mum: And I'll talk to him about it, don't you worry.
Girl: Okay Aunty. That's fine. Allah Hafiz.
Mum: Allah Hafiz.

(Don't hate me for using Rahul-Anjali as an example. I am a cheesy person. And I love Bollywood. I'm sure most of you do too, quit hiding!)

All this conversation went on while me and my siblings sat there laughing, Dad however kept quiet and left the room. Soon after, as I texted a friend (yes, a friend!) of mine, I started smiling. Instantly mom looked at me and said "Looks like Ali's on with someone too." to which I responded "You wish it was only 'one'."

Do you remember the time when we were kids, like 10 years ago when the word love was mentioned and you'd "Haw!" your way out of it? Ever thought how did the society evolve so fast that these days being in a relationship and going on dates is such a common and socially accepted thing? I remember 5 years back my parents would give me looks if they found out I was talking to a girl, and now we casually talk about the ones we like with our them. Had my Dad done that, my Grandmother would probably hit him.

Everything's so common now that people fall in and out of love a hundred times. Commitments, relationships, flirtationships (My personal favorite. Just kidding. Or am I?), and what not. Love marriages have gotten really common, and even I'm in their favor. Reminds me of something I read years back "All your life you're taught not to talk to strangers, and then suddenly you're expected to sleep with one!" This sums it up better than anything else can. However, that's just my personal opinion. If it offends you, then you're an idiot. Just kidding, not gonna do the 'Or am I?' joke a third time in two posts..but I'm sure you're smarter than that.

I'm just going to wrap it up now with an extremely unnecessary ending note: Love Aaj Kal was a great movie. I have no idea why it got hated on so much.

P.s. Thank you all so much for the response on my first post, it was great to see so many views. Thanks for the comments and shares. Much love. Until next time then, Ciao! :D